Create Your OWN
Virtual Tours

With the
My360 VR Kit

Virtual Tours Using Your smartphone

If you’re just starting out with virtual tour photography, or you simply need extra equipment to enable more staff members to take virtual tour pictures, then this handy kit is ideal for you!

The My360 VR Kit allows you to make a virtual tour using only your mobile phone camera! Simply attach the kit to your tripod, position the included lens to your phone and let the Kit do its magic! 

Image quality depends on the quality of your mobile phone, but if you have a good phone that is at most 2 years old, the quality will astound you, as it did us! 

Paired with the handy FREE My360 VR App, you will soon make pictures like a PRO and without having to do too much editing after you’ve finished!

The VRKit App takes care of all the stitching and your images will be ready in no time! Don’t believe us? Just watch the above video to see the astonishing results using the iPhone 12Pro phone camera.

What’s more… purchasing the My360 VR Kit will qualify you immediately for a 3 month FREE use of the virtual tour software, so you can start creating your virtual tours immediately, without any extra monthly fees! 

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*** Mobile Phone Not included

Creating a Virtual Tour with the My360 VR Kit

Is as easy as 1, 2,3!

Step 1

Get your My360 VR Kit and download the FREE camera app. 

Step 2

Connect your phone to the Kit and start making amazing photography!

Step 3

Upload your images to your FREE My360 account and create beautiful virtual tours!

Your FREE My360 Account

With My360Tours you can create your own virtual tours, easy, quickly and when you purchase the My360 VR Kit, the software is FREE for you to use for the first 3 months and you get UNLIMITED virtual tours! 

What’s more, if you are a school or a university and you purchase the My360 VR Kit to capture your school grounds, you get to use the software for FREE for a whole year*! 

Using the My360 VR Kit, shoot your images with your mobile phone, upload them to My360 vi the handy My360 APP and build amazing interactive virtual tours that include popups, info buttons, floorplans, video call options, links, logos and so much more! 

*education accounts have a maximum of 2 tour profiles

"With the My360 VR Kit you can create high quality virtual tour images for the fraction of the cost of a traditional 360º camera."

Lee Collins | CEO My360

"Because I can use my own phone as 360º camera, i can make better images than I would have done with my cheap 360 camera!"

David W | Estate agent
Hight quality images

Using the mobile phone as a camera, the quality is dependent on the quality of your mobile phone camera. 

These days, most phone have very high quality dynamic range, so your images will likely come out looking like professional pictures!

Use with any device

The My360 VR Kit can be used with both Android and iOS. 

The FREE app is available in both the Android store and the Apple store and is very easy to control. 

The VR Kit Rotator comes with various tripod connectors, so it can be mounted on any tripod

No stitching

The FREE VR Kit App will stitch your images for you! 

The app has been developed over many years ensuring hardly any stitching errors exist. 

You control the My360 VR Kit from the App and upload them to your My360 Account almost instantly.

Wait.... I have questions!

The complete kit including the rotator and the lens costs 149€

You can pay for the kit online by clicking on the “buy now” button on this page. Your payment is processed securely via Stripe. 

Absolutely! Simply make sure that your shipping address is correct upon check-out

Once you have purchased the My360 VR Kit you will receive a voucher code which will qualify you for the 3 months / 1 year free. Just use that code when registerring your account with 

We currently ship only to Europe and the shipping cost varies from 10€ to 30€ depending on the country

Yes, we ship to the UK but additional fees may apply for import duties. 

If the item is in stock, shipping can take up to 5 days. 

If the item is not in stock, shipping can take up to 14 days. 

Once you have purchased the My360 VR Kit, you will be sent the links to the App store or Play Store downloadable apps. 

No, when you purchase the VRKit and you have opened the packaging, the item is not refundable unless there’s a fault with the Kit itself. 

If you receive the My360 VR Kit and it is broken due to a factory defect, we are happy to replace the item at no extra cost. 

You will have to first send the broken item back to our factory to get checked in case it is something that can be fixed. Any shipping costs for sending the item back are for your own account. Once we have determined the item is indeed defected, we will refund you your shipping costs and send you a replacement article. 

We do not refund items if you “simply don’t like” using it or decide against pursuing a career in virtual tour photography. 

We WILL refund the item if it is still packaged in the original box and has not been used. (in case of an unwanted gift). You will however be responsible for your own shipping costs. 

Refunds on opened items are only given if the item is broken due to a factory defect and can not be replaced by a new item. 

As far as we know, only the UK needs to pay import duties upon receiving the My360 VR Kit (Thanks Brexit!) . These costs are your own to bear. 

We put an invoice of the product inside the package for customs to examine. If they then decide to charge you import duties you need to pay them yourself to release the package. 

To learn more about how the camera works, how to connect it to your phone and shoot amazing images, please watch the video on this page or go to to search the knowledgebase for your question. 


You can also contact us on [email protected] for any other questions or start a chat inside the software.